Hello Fashion

07 Skin Overall

07 Skin Overall

54 Remy Long

14 Alphabet Necklace

14 Alphabet Necklace

Hello Fashion by Dutch fashion design Monique van Heist is not your ordinary clothing line. Going against the fashion grain Van Heist’s Hello Fashion is a permanent collection, meaning that its pieces stay in production each and every season. Twice a year the collection is updated: some new designs are added, existing designs are executed in new fabrics suiting the upcoming season and sometimes pieces are put on hold for one or two seasons.

Hello Fashion came into being out of sheer frustration. Van Heist was annoyed by the fashion system and its way of labeling designs as old as soon as a new season arrives. Add to that the ever increasing amount of collections that seem to be required these days (pre-fall and pre-spring collections, cruise collections, etc.), making designs outdated almost as soon as they hit the racks. So, instead of playing by the rules, Van Heist decided to do things differently. The result is a collection full of beautiful, timeless pieces made of durable materials that are available all year round. Expect classics like the cape, the jumpsuit, but also pleated trousers, perfectly cut loose T-shirts and original jewelry. 


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