mr and mrs

mr. February

mr. February

mrs. February

mrs. February

Earlier this month I wrote about fashion designer Monique van Heist and her collection called Hello Fashion. Fortunately, Van Heist is not the only designer in the Netherlands who opposes the system of fast fashion. Let me introduce you to by Sanne Jansen.

Where Van Heist introduces new pieces to her expanding collection twice a year, by Sanne Jansen gives us something new to wear on a monthly basis. This sounds a lot like fast fashion, but it really is not. Jansen limits herself two four pieces every month: two for him and two for her. Think pretty dresses and blouses for the ladies and sophisticated trouser suits for the gents. I love how Jansen’s designs for her are very feminine but at the same time can have a somewhat tomboyish look and feel. The dress mrs. February is wearing above for instance has sleeves with hand made cufflinks, which are reminiscent of a mens blouse.

So far by Sanne Jansen has given us a mr. & mrs. February, March and April and I am curious to see how she will develop her line further.


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