urban environment / urban farming

hk honey

This video follows a young product designer from Hong Kong who is also an urban beekeeper. He plants his hives on the rooftops of tall buildings across the city. As strange as it may sound, bees like the urban environment. They even seem to do better in cities than in more rural landscapes. Mostly because the flora in the urban landscape is very diverse.

Besides the fact that we need to protect and cherish our honey bees (without their pollination of plants we will be deprived of our tomatoes, courgettes, oranges etc.), I believe that keeping bees can also positively affect the collective consciousness. Working with bees requires stillness, something we seem to have less and less of in today’s world. Also, it needs patience. The sweet reward of golden honey lies ahead, but it is not a quick win.

Unfortunately, keeping bees on your rooftop is still illegal in a large number of cities worldwide. But with designers and companies like Philips working on new  types of beehives especially made for the urban environment, I’m hoping more and more people will come to understand the necessity of keeping the number of bee colonies up.



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