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denim refinery

denim refinery before  denim refinery after

denim refinery before 2 denim refinery after 2

Photo’s: denim refinery

The Denim Refinery is a Californian based company that refines your denim. In other words: if you are not wearing your jeans because you don’t longer like its wash or because the fit feels outdated, simply send them to the Denim Refinery and let them transform your garment into something you do like. If you don’t have any denim that needs a new look and feel, you can also choose from Denim Refinery’s own line made of vintage denim.

Instead of producing even more denim garments, this company makes use of all the denim that already exists. Also, it hopefully instills the notion into people’s minds that it is in fact possible to make new, stylish things out of things we already own. All you need is a bit of imagination and some tools. Anyone can do it!


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