innovation / products / urban environment

interactive sustainable design

Daan Roosegaarde of Studio Roosegaarde is a Dutch designer who uses familiar principles – the use of some form of friction or movement to create energy – in such a way that it results in products that are innovative and interacting, but most of all very inspiring.

Roosegaarde’s sustainable dance floor captures the energy of dancers and uses it for the club’s music and lights system. Rotterdam club WATT were the first to use it and clubs worldwide are interested.

Roosegaarde is now working on a new type of highway where passing cars are providing the street lights with energy. Together with building company Heijmans he is looking for ways to translate his idea into a practical solution that can be used on an international scale.

I like how Studio Roosegaarde’s work is embracing technology, instead of fearing it. Often, sustainable design focuses on craft. This usually results in goods produced on a small scale. Technology is in a way seen as an enemy, bringing with it a lifestyle that is by definition unsustainable. Instead, Studio Roosegaarde sees tech as a new way of living, and encourages us all to engage with technology through its designs.


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