architecture / urban environment

use instead of reuse

A few weeks ago I found an interesting article on Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who proposes a new way of designing public infrastructure. His idea is to directly incorporate social functions into the design of for instance highway interchanges.  A lot of public and industrial infrastructure of the past is now being given new functions in the present: old factories become restaurants and out-of-order train tracks are turned into parks (New York’s High Line).

So instead of waiting a few decennia for the reuse of this infrastructure, Ingels suggests that architects think about the possible cross-breeding of public infrastructure with social programs beforehand. This way architects can give projects that sometimes benefit only a wealthy minority, an extra dimension that helps shape the urban, public environment and makes it a more comfortable place to be.

In this video Ingels together with students explores the possibilities of building a bridge with housing in it.


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