stuff everywhere

Even though this is a Dutch spoken documentary, I still want to post it here. ‘Allemaal Spullen’, translated as ‘Stuff Everywhere’ deals with the question of how much stuff we really need. Director Judith de Leeuw starts counting all the things she, her husband and their 18 months old son own. For this, she cleans out a room of her home where she tries to systematically collect all her possessions. Everything is counted, labeled and registered.

It is quite impressive to see all of De Leeuw’s things laid out on the floor of a large industrial site – her living room turned out to be too small. So much stuff! While I like the fact that De Leeuw is addressing the question of how much we really need, I find her answers somewhat disappointing. Or maybe it is the lack of a real answer. She signals a problem, makes it visible and then leaves us with even more questions. Has she changed her lifestyle? Has she given away all the things she doesn’t need, use or want? At one point she speaks about how we need a different economic system in order for people to start consuming less. But is that really so? That suggests that as an individual you cannot really contribute to change. A point of view I personally strongly disagree with. What do you think?



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