pig 05049 or: where do our things come from

PIG 05049PIG 05049 inside

Last week I ran into a secondhand copy of the book PIG 05049 (2007) y Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma. The book is the result of a three year study on pigs. Or put more precisely: Meindertsma has been researching all the products that are made from one single pig.

PIG 05049 weighed 103,7 kilos, of which 54 kilos were for meat consumption. The rest of the pig – its bones, skin, brains, fat, etc. – were used for 187 different items that were all collected by Meindertsma for her book. The result is a stunning visual record of what one single pig contributes to our daily life.

As is the case with newer work from Meindertsma, PIG 05049 is about exploring where the things we use come from. We all know the stories of children believing milk is made in a factory or that have never seen an apple hanging from a tree. Meindertsma is concerned about this estrangement from the origins of our material world and aims to raise awareness through her work.


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