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Honest by. Bruno Pieters dress

In 2010 Belgian fashion designer Bruno Pieters went on a trip to India. The way that the clothes of the native Indians were woven and sewn awoke a need for transparency in Pieters. When buying a garment, he feels, you should be aware of what it is made of and who made it. Only then you can make a proper decision of wether or not you want to own it.

In January of 2012 Pieters started his online shop Honest by. Here you can buy clothes designed by Pieters himself, but also by other young talented designers. Each garment comes with a detailed description, including the origins of all fabric and threads that are used, but also the whole sale and retail mark ups. This makes Honest by. an online shop that gives total transparency about what it is selling.

Do you know who made the sweater you are wearing today?

Honest by. Material information Bruno Pieters dress