events / exhibition

transnatural festival 2012

transparency granade by Julian Oliver

Last weekend NEMO science center in Amsterdam hosted the opening of the third Transnatural festival. This year the festival explores the theme The State of Autonomy by looking at autonomous systems and products, new ways of harvesting energy and food and innovative materials.

Through an exhibition, workshops and a two-day conference, Transnatural deals with the question if more balance can exist between the man-made technological world and nature. In other words: how to use our technological knowledge in such a way that it supports nature instead of damaging it. Works from artists, designers and scientists are included in the exhibition that runs from September 7th until October 7th at NEMO.

Tickets for the conference, also at NEMO, are still for sale and can be bought here. Monday the 17th of September will focus on new methods of harvesting energy and food. The next day is all about new materials and the ways in which designers, consumers and businesses deal with existing materials.

You can also buy tickets for various workshops such as Repairing  (you get to work with the Kintsugi Repair Kit and with Woolfiller) or Designing with Genetic Algorithms.


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