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too good to waste

Too good to Waste is a young Dutch organization concerned with the enormous amounts of food that are wasted on a daily basis. The last two bites of your lunch you toss aside. Food from your fridge that you forgot was there. Supermarkets that throw away everything approaching their due dates. All the vegetables that don’t even make it to the supermarkets’ shelves because their shapes are not perfect. But also the crops that farmers are too often forced to destroy, because of surplus. All this good food is simply wasted.

The people from Too Good to Waste want to do something about this waste. Their first act is gazpacho, made from tomatoes that would otherwise have been destroyed. Of course, making soup is not going to solve the issue of food waste. But it can help in making people aware of the fact that they, too, are wasting food that is really too good to waste. Watch the video to see how TGTW made the gazpacho and be amazed by the quality of the tomatoes that the industry considered to be waste.


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