fashion / repair

urshuz shoes

Urshuz is offering so called ‘interchangable shoes’. Instead of always buying completely new shoes, Urshuz makes it possible to only buy a new color sole or a new upper. An ingenious system of loops attached to the upper of the shoe, connect it to the sole. The loops itself are individually replaceable and the soles are made of recycled materials. You can assemble different models of sneakers this way, but you can also use the soles and transform them into a pair of flip-flops.

This principle of shoes with detachable soles is not new or unique to Urshuz, but I must say I like their style better than other brands who do the same thing. And I like Urshuz’s price points. For around $40 you buy the upper part of the shoe and soles cost around $25. Really not that expensive, making it a affordable choice for lots of people.

If only more brands would offer products that are so easy to repair or modify to taste. It really should be the new standard, I think.

Do you have more examples of products like this? I would love to hear them.


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