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save food from the fridge

You come home from the supermarket, run to the fridge and put all the fresh produce you just bought straight onto the cold shelves. Familiar picture, right? Well, according to designer Jihyun Ryou that should change. To prevent food spillage – the cold is not always best to keep things fresh – and reduce energy costs, Ryou developed a series of shelve-like objects that educate us on how to ‘save food from the fridge‘.

For instance, did you know that the ethylene gas apples produce prevent potatoes from sprouting? That is why Ryou designed a cabinet that holds a dark space for potatoes, with a perforated shelve for apples on top. Root vegetables benefit from being put into an upright position. So, just stick them in the sand, which will hold them in the right position while making sure they stay humidified.

I would not mind having something like this on my wall. Not only do these ‘shelves’ look good, they also help solve the problem of my fridge always being a little too small. But even without them I will start to save my food from the fridge.


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