exhibition / food / urban farming

food culture: eating by design


For those interested in knowing more about where the food we eat comes from, I strongly recommend a visit to Food Culture: Eating by Design at the Designhuis in Eindhoven.

Curator (and food designer) Marije Vogelzang selected works by designers who deal with the complex relationship we have with food. Because even though our lives quite literally depend on food, little is often know about where food comes from and how it is produced.

Almost everything we eat is designed. Even the things that grow on trees or plants, something the Mutato project by Uli Westphal cleverly shows: we have become so accustomed to flawless fruits and vegetables that we seem to have forgotten how nature once intended them to look, and taste.

You can also see works by designers Marti Guixé, Julie Green and Jihyun David (see my post on other work by David here), among others.

You can visit the exhibition at the Designhuis in Eindhoven until the 6th of January 2013.


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