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Fair + Fair is an interior shop in Amsterdam that only sells products that are fair trade, organic, re- or upcycled or made according to the principles of cradle-to-cradle. By adding stickers to their products explaining how much of the profit is invested in housing projects abroad, Fair + Fair makes sure that consumers are aware of the fair character of their purchase.

Even though I’m always somewhat critical about shops like these – just buy something fair trade or organic and you’ve done your deed for the day – Fair + Fair seems to be really concerned with what and how we consume. By adding information about who made the products that are up for sale, they add a story to them. For me this works. Knowing that some lady in India actually made the bamboo bowl I’m holding in my hands, immediately adds value to it. It would feel disrespectful to buy the bowl and then not use it.

Also, Fair + Fair sells really useful stuff. Things you actually need in the house. Not just hand knit dolls and toy cars made of cans, like so many fair trade shops always tend to sell, but high quality ceramics designed by Piet Hein Eek and organic duvets by Yumeko.

Fair + Fair / Herengracht 211 / Amsterdam / tue – sat: 11-18 / sun:13-18


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