studio JUX

The problem with fast fashion that is put on the market by global brands like H&M and Zara, is that there really is no story behind it. Or better said, there is a story but it is not a good one so it is downplayed. These clothes are dead cheap, but there is always someone paying for them. It’s just not you. Someone in Asia or Eastern Europe who you don’t know and you will probably never ever meet is paying the bill so that you can buy a T-shirt for less than five euros. And because the fabrics used for this fast fashion usually are not of the highest quality, you will need to buy a new one before you know it. Which is not a problem, ’cause you really weren’t attached to your old shirt anyway. It’s almost like an addiction. An addiction we all have to break.

This is were ethical fashion labels can come in and help us. Take for instance Studio JUX. Design + Eco + Fair. That is how JUX presents itself (JUX is German for fun). Studio JUX is making sure that it is not only the consumer who is experiencing the fun of fashion. Founders Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink actually own their own Nepalese factory making sure that the tailors that make their clothes are treated fair (Lundgren even lives in Nepal!).

Besides that, they try to make their customers aware of the stories behind their clothes. You can for instance meet the tailor that made your sweater: every JUX garment has a numbered ‘handshake’ attached to it that corresponds with one of the tailors in Nepal. Simply look up the number of your handshake on the JUX website and say hello! How cool is it to see the face of the person who made your sweater? I think it is pretty cool. Go JUX!


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