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doepel strijkers’ recycling office

doepelstrijkers.comdoepelstrijkers.comdoepelstrijkers.comDOEPEL STRIJKERS is responsible for the interior design of the ground floor of the Haka building in Rotterdam, that is now being used as a sort of creative hub specialized in sustainable technology. Instead of using new materials, DOEPEL STRIJKERS opted for the reuse of old materials and waste connected to pre- and post-war building.

They used old clothing and fabrics to create walls inside larger rooms, old doors that come from torn down buildings now function as walls of conference rooms and wooden boxes used for the transportation of bricks are transformed in plateaus from which people can work.

Besides paying attention to the materials used, DOEPEL STRIJKERS also wanted to design an interior that was relatively easy to produce and they tried to minimize the waste coming from the proces of transforming the materials into something they could use.


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