blue economy by gunter pauli

a few weeks ago I attended a lecture given by Gunter Pauli and organized by Premsela. I must admit that I did not know who Gunter Pauli was before this sunday morning in November. His presentation was very inspiring and thought provoking and after his lecture, I bought his book The Blue Economy, because I want to know more about him and his ideas.

Basically, Pauli advocated the idea of a blue economy, with which he rejects the green economy that is so happening right now. Green, Pauli says, is only for the rich few. Everything that is good for you or the planet (organic food, solar panels) is either more expensive or is heavily subsidized. Instead, the best choices should be less expensive and the solution, according to Pauli, lies in thinking differently by looking at nature.

Watch the video to get a better idea of what the basics of his theory are. I have yet to read the book. More on that later.


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