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6:1 porcelain made of waste

6:1 is tableware made by Dutch designer Kirstie van Noort. Instead of using ordinary white porcelain, Van Noort decided to use the waste that is produced when mining for porcelain clay. The production process of white porcelain is extremely damaging to earth. For every kilo of porcelain clay you get six kilos of waste products, hence the name of her tableware.

Every component of 6:1 is made in sevenfold: 1 piece is made of immaculate white porcelain and the other six are made of a mixture of waste products and porcelain clay (which is needed to hold everything together and make it suitable for use). The results that the waste materials give are in my opinion more interesting than the white porcelain. The pieces are not perfect and show what they are made of, but that gives them character. You can even distinguish the pieces from each other through their specific imperfections. It works somewhat the same with white porcelain: only when it is chipped (and thus has become imperfect) you can distinguish one plate from the other. Only, in the case of white porcelain we usually do not value its imperfections and go out to buy new ones. I am guessing these pieces will only gain in value when becoming even less perfect.

images by Kirstie van Noort



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