the people’s supermarket

imagine becoming a member of your own local supermarket. You’d have to pay 25 euros a year and volunteer 4 hours every month. In return you get a 10% discount on everything you buy. Sounds like a crazy plan? Well, The People’s Supermarket in London came up with this plan and is proving that it is not crazy at all. With the tagline ‘For The People By The People’ this supermarket on London’s Conduit Street doesn’t look that different than your average local food store. But it is.

The People’s Supermarket is trying to educate its community on food, whilst bringing that same community together. They are not dictating what people should eat, but they do offer the choice between products from the giants in the food industry and organic/locally grown food. All members of the store are invited to participate by volunteering and thinking about the store’s assortment.

The People’s Supermarket is sustainable in a number of ways. The supermarket creates awareness about where food actually comes from and what choice you have as a costumer. It gives work to a number of people, be it on a voluntary basis or not. To minimize waste they have founded The People’s Kitchen where fresh produce approaching its due date, is used to cook healthy take away meals. If they fail to sell all meals, the meals are distributed amongst the staff of The People’s Supermarket or used as compost by the supermarket’s suppliers. And last but not least, they are making healthy choices – for individuals and for our planet – accesible to more than only the rich few.


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