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repair cafe


if you have things in your house that need repairing but you don’t know how or you don’t have the proper tools to do the job, don’t throw them away. Just visit one of the many repair cafe’s that pop up all over the Netherlands.

Repair cafe’s are free meetings that are organized locally. At the cafe’s you’ll find tools and manuals and specialized mechanics volunteering to help people out. You can bring anything that needs repairing: from computers to bicycles or kitchen equipment to clothing. If the job can’t be done on the spot you will be directed to a specialist in the neighbourhood that can help you.

The repair cafe’s are also open for those who don’t have anything to repair, but just want to get out of the house and talk to people or learn some new skills by watching others repairing stuff. Books and manuals on repairing are available and coffee and tea are ready.

The idea for the cafe’s came from Martine Postma. Sick of our throw-away-society, she came up with a simple and effective idea to limit the amount of waste we produce and also, hopefully, change people’s mentality. Repairing things used to be very common, but that changed when buying something new became the cheaper option.

If you would want to organize a repair cafe in your neighbourhood, check out for tips to help you get started.


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