open structures: a modular construction model

The Open Structures project is an experiment initiated by the Institute without Boundaries and now being further developed by Intrastructures, which aims to investigate the opportunities and limitations of an open modular system.

Inspired by open software systems such as Wikipedia and Linux, this hardware system invites us all to participate. The special Open Structures grid ensures that all components will be compatible. Unlike the closed model that is usually found in hardware – where one designer or company provides all the parts of a system which is incompatible with other closed systems – Open Structures is all about sharing knowledge and ideas.

openstructures.netBut why an open system? Because having users co-design the system, will lead to a system that will always be flexible and dynamic in addressing our specific needs. Further, contributors to the Open Structures system are encouraged to design for disassembly. In other words: stay away from glue and nails as assembly techniques, but instead choose for bolts, tie wraps, magnets or the good old screw. This will allow re-use of the system. When you no longer use something, simply disassembly it and use the parts to build something you do need.

Got any ideas for parts or structures? Simply download the special grid from the Open Structures website and get started.


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