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Dutch label Mud Jeans is introducing a new fashion concept called  Lease a Jeans. Customers can lease a pair of jeans just like they would with a car or a phone. For €20 you get a pair of jeans made from organic cotton. For a period of 12 months you pay €5 per month. After these 12 months you decide what to do. You either sent the jeans back and get your €20 refunded. You exchange your jeans for a new pair, costing €7,50 and adding to that a monthly donation of €5. Or you can keep the jeans and wear it as long as you like, but you need to pay an extra €20 (they refund this to you when you buy a new pair of Mud Jeans).

Mud Jeans offers an free repair service for when your jeans need fixing during the lease period. All jeans that are returned are shredded and recycled into new jeans.

With Lease a Jeans Mud Jeans is trying to make sustainable fashion affordable for everyone. They say they are riding the wave of using something being more important than owning it. I really like the idea, but I can’t deny being a bit sceptical about it as well. For one, I think price wise these jeans are still only affordable to a select group of people. Ok, you don’t have to pay the whole amount at once, but a pair of these jeans will set you back at least €60 to €80. Don’t get me wrong: I think that is a fair price. But for a lot of people it is also still a lot of money. Adding to that, I am not sure people will like the idea of having to pay for your clothes the whole year round. Even if it is only a couple of euros a month. Time will tell, I suppose.

For now, Mud Jeans is offering one style in three colors, with a men’s and woman’s version. If leasing your jeans will turn out to be a success, more styles will be added.

Would you lease a jeans?


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