waste cooking: days in trash

According to statistics from the European Community around 90 million tonnes of food is wasted annually in Europe. A third of the food for human consumption is wasted globally. This waste happens all over the food chain – from farmers to consumers and every chain in between.

A lot of this food is still perfectly edible. So called dumpster divers know this all too well. Besides looking for clothes and other goods that are still good to use, they look for food. Some people even religiously follow the ‘freegan’ diet. Why pay for food when you can find it for free? Be careful though. Dumpster diving is considered illegal in lots of countries and you risk being arrested for tress passing and stealing.

Austrian art collective Waste Cooking consists of film makers, dumpster divers and chefs. Together, they are trying to get people’s attention on the subject of food waste. To do this, they have launched an online platform on which they air their own cooking show that focuses entirely on the subject of cooking with waste. Except for the dumpster diving part, their show is almost an ordinary cooking show that shows how food can bring people together.

When diving dumpsters is a bridge too far for you, at least try to limit your own food waste by carefully planning what you need before you go out grocery shopping. Use recipe websites ( or Waste Cooking) to get ideas of what to cook with leftovers and educate yourself on ways to best preserve the things you buy so that you can enjoy them longer (i’ve written something on that subject here and here).


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