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The Good Wardrobe is an online community that focuses not only on sustainable fashion but also on services that prolong the life of your wardrobe. You can turn to The Good Wardrobe if you want to know how to repair a rip in your leather jacket or for instance for advice on buying a second hand sewing machine. The idea is that community members will help each other out. There is a forum where people can share tips and tricks on repairing clothes and they aim to provide its members with adresses for the best cobblers and tailors.

So instead of focusing only on guiding consumers towards sustainable fashion brands, The Good Wardrobe also wants to motivate people to start repairing what they already have in their closet. Something I applaud.

The Good Wardrobe focuses only on the London area and they are still in a start up phase, but I found the idea to be inspiring and worth sharing anyway.

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