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Nudie’s Recycled Denim Rug

nudie recycle rug denim 1nudie recycle rugs denim 2Denim is one of the sturdiest fabrics around. Still, if you wear your jeans every day holes will appear. So then you have your pair repaired (or do a DIY), making them ready for a second round. And sometimes even a third and fourth round. But it is inevitable that at some point you and your favorite pair will have to part ways. What to do with it? Well, recycle of course.

There are different things that can be done with used denim. For one, it can be used to make new fabric, like MUD jeans is doing. Or we can make insulation material from it, as is done here.

Swedish jeans brand Nudie Jeans has come up with another idea. They are now selling hand made rag rugs, made out of strips of used Nudie jeans. The result is a very durable rug that in my opinion looks very good. The rag rugs come with detailed care instructions (don’t wash them in your washing machine, instead soak them and let them air dry) that will help to let you enjoy your rag rug for the longest possible time. Buy them here.

Nudie Recycled Denim Rugs 4


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