bilder & de clercq amsterdam

bilder & de clercq amsterdam 1bilder & de clercq amsterdam 2bilder & de clercq amsterdam 3

Food waste is a serious global problem. Initiatives like Too Good to Waste and Waste Cooking are examples of people trying to raise awareness about this problem. A very different but also interesting approach comes from Dutch grocery store Bilder & De Clercq. Here you start your grocery shopping by choosing one of the recipes that are on offer in the store. You then go into the store and collect everything you need for your chosen recipe.

Of course recipe cards are not what makes Bilder & De Clercq special. It is the fact that they make it possible for you to buy the exact amount of herbs, vegetables or cheese that you need for your recipe. This way you don’t end up at the end of the week with leftover basil, ground meat or whatever ingredient you needed to make a particular dish, just because you had to buy your ingredients in large portions.

It is a simple idea that probably won’t affect the issue of food waste on a global scale, but I think the concept of ‘buying only what you need’ is a necessary seed to be planted in people’s minds.

images by Bilder & De Clercq


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