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seed savour: saving heirloom seeds

seed savour sebastiaan sennema

over the last few weeks my Facebook timeline was flooded with posts regarding American seed company Monsanto and their plans to introduce their patented GMO (genetically modified organism)  seeds to European farmers. A lot of people are concerned about this company entering the European market and rightly so. I’m not going to go into the pro’s and con’s of GMO produced food or into the role Monsanto plays in it here, but all this did made me think of a design project I encountered a few months ago at the Graduation Show from the Design Academy Eindhoven. There, designer Sebastiaan Sennema presented Seed Savour.

Seed Savour is a project that supports the diversity of produce. It is a platform where people can share their heirloom seeds that they harvested themselves. Heirloom seeds are the seeds that people have been growing and passing down for centuries (because of flavour, sturdiness etc.). With supermarkets only selling perfectly shaped and colored fruits and vegetables, these heirloom seeds run the risk of disappearing. With Seed Savour, Sennema is trying to makes us all aware of this risk.

For those wanting to contribute to the Seed Savour project, Sennema created the Seed Savour Starting Kit. With this kit you can grow your own heirloom seeds at home and after harvesting your produce you can sell the seeds again on the platform so that others can grow them. This way, heirloom seeds will be saved and passed down again to future generations, like it was always done.


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