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fair phone: the smartest phone

Every now and then I learn about projects that really get me excited. Projects illustrating that if people set their mind to something, they can make a huge change. Even if, at first, it may seem impossible. For me, Fairphone is such a product. Fairphone is a smartphone that is both socially and environmentally sustainable.

At Fairphone they believe that every resource that is needed to make a product is precious – and that includes both materials and the people who contribute to the process of production.

To show everyone that things can be done differently, even in the world of technology, they have developed a smartphone that is fair. Fair to the people in Congo who are mining for the precious minerals needed: no illegal armed forces are funded with money made from these minerals. Fair to all the workers that are part of the production process: Fairphone joins organizations that improve working conditions where needed. Fair to the future users of the phone: at Fairphone they believe you don’t own anything if you can’t open it. So they designed the phone as such that batteries are removable and replaceable. Also, the Fairphone has a dual SIM capability, so you only need one phone for both your private and business calls.

The Fairphone is built to last a long time, but because nothing lasts forever Fairphone donates money to Close the Loop for every phone sold. And they strive to make future Fairphones out of recycled materials from old phones.

Above all, the phone’s technical spec’s look good too. The phone can be ordered here and will be delivered later this year. Fairphone is producing 20,000 phones of which they have sold half. Let’s help them sell the other half!



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