imperfect mugs

imperfect-mug i'mperfect 1 imperfect-mug i'mperfect 2every manmade product we buy in stores has been carefully checked for errors like cracks in the glaze, spots or other abnormalities. If products are not perfect, they won’t be sold. Instead, they are destroyed. Literally, such a waste.

Because, a mug with a spot on it still functions perfectly as a mug. Why waste it? Because it’s not so beautiful? Loveramics together with i’mperfect have made ‘imperfect’ mugs that would otherwise be discarded, perfect again. How? By simple adding some smart graphics. I love the fact they are not hiding the imperfections, instead they are making it part of the design. Or, as they say: the i’mperfect mugs are allowing you to discover the beauty of flawed products.



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