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Fish in Aquaponic system Farm Shop, Dalston, London FARM shop 4

A while ago I wrote something on this blog about a workshop on how to built your own aquaponics system. In all honesty, I had not heard about aquaponics until this Mediamatic workshop introduced it to me, but since then I’ve come across aquaponics quite often.

In short, aquaponics combines the growing of plants with the farming of fish in one closed cycle. The waste of the fish is turned into nutrients for the plants with the use of bacteria and the plants keep the water clean for the fish. It doesn’t take up a lot of space which makes it perfect for urban farming. Find out more about how the system works here.

A beautiful example of how aquaponics can work as a way of producing food can be found in Dalston, London. Here, you’ll find the first farm-in-shop called FARM:shop. FARM:shop is an urban farming hub that houses a cafe, has event space for hire and rents out desks for creative entrepreneurs. The food that is produced in-house is sold at the cafe and all the ingredients they can’t (yet) produce themselves are bought from local suppliers.

Besides using aquaponics, food at FARM:shop is also produced with systems like hydroponics, which is the growing of plants in water. They also have their own chickens and they are working on designing new ways of producing mushrooms in urban farms.

FARM:shop is open daily for visitors who want to know more about urban farming and how to get started.

images from FARM:


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