buy nothing new

a friend of mine recently announced on Facebook that she was to stop buying clothes for a whole year. She also said she was still looking for a buddy to join her in the challenge. I gave it some serious thought, but I don’t think I’m ready for this no shopping-challenge now. After living on a really tight budget for over two years I’m actually really enjoying adding some pieces to my wardrobe. Maybe next year.

This whole thing did remind me of a similar challenge I read about in a local newspaper: the buy nothing new-challenge. If you partake in this challenge (website in Dutch only, sorry), you vow to not buy any new stuff for the period of one month (food and medicine are excluded). Key word here being ‘new’. If you really need something, you can buy it second hand.

Goal behind this challenge is to make people aware of the things they already have and to be more critical in deciding what you want to add to you collection of things. Often, problems you might experience in the realm of material needs can be solved by borrowing, renting, repairing and so on. Also, buying new all the time uses up a lot of the world’s natural resources, while there are so many things already here that still function perfectly.

The buy nothing new-challenge will have its second edition in October 2013, but of course you can stop buying new things whenever you feel like it. If you sign up through the website, you will receive emails to encourage you (again, Dutch only). So, I think I will take on this challenge and will stop buying new things starting October 1st. I will keep you posted on how it goes.


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