fairtransport shipping

Did you know that the world’s 16 largest cargo ships produce as much CO2 emissions as all the cars in the world? These ships, and with them many others, are used to transport goods all over the world. The shoes you wear that were made in Vietnam, the peach you’re eating in the middle of winter while living in Northern Europe and the laptop I write this blog on, they are all very likely to have been transported over seas.

Fairtransport is a Dutch company that offers a sustainable alternative to regular cargo shipping. With their sailing ship the Tres Hombres they offer a sustainable freight service between Europe, the Atlantic Islands, the Caribbean and America. The Tres Hombres functions mostly as a sort of an ambassador for Fairtransport. Clients that choose to use the Tres Hombres mostly want to give extra attention to their product and to the cause of Fairtransport.

Right now, the company is working on the design of the Ecoliner, a cargo vessel that is a ship with sails but also has an engine. With this ship, Fairtransport aims to compete with regular cargo ships in bulk transport. When there is wind, the Ecoliner uses its sails and there is no emission. In the case of no wind, the motors bring the ship where it has to go in time. The Ecoliner suits clients that do want to change the way goods are transported, but who also simply need the speed and accuracy of normal cargo vessels.

If you want to support Fairtransport, you can. There are three ways to do so: donate money to the organization, buy the special Tres Hombres rum or buy their chocolate.


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