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christien meindertsma: the flax project

a few months ago I introduced flax seeds to my diet, with great success. Little did I know that these small seeds we call lijnzaad in The Netherlands are actually the same seeds Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma built The Flax Project around.

Flax once was a very important textile fibre in The Netherlands. The seeds were produced here and also processed into all kinds of materials. Nowadays, the Dutch still produce flax, but in much smaller quantities and the seeds are almost always exported to China where they are processed further. In 2009 Meindertsma started The Flax Project as a way to revive old production techniques that once were so important for the Dutch economy. Farmer Gert Jan van Dongen sowed flax seeds on his land, that were harvested at the end of summer in 2010. Meindertsma is using the entire harvest to make all kinds of products from. The journey from sowing the seeds until the production of the end products is captured on film and can be watched on Meindertsma’s website in its entirety. Completely in tune with Meindertsma’s other projects like PIG 05049, every little bit of the flax seeds is used ensuring nothing goes to waste.

The Flax Project has come about in cooperation with the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg, who exhibited the end products made from the flax in 2012/2013.


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