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OATies: biodegradable baby shoes

Oaties Fluff

the past five years I have had to buy my share of gifts for newborn babies – a phenomenon that comes hand in hand with you and your friends hitting your thirties. If only these cute biodegradable baby shoes called OATies would have existed since 2008.. It would have saved me from endless hours searching for nice gifts. Luckily, I’m not the only one having trouble finding gifts. The people behind OAT shoes apparently had the same problem, but they actually came up with a solution in the form of OATies: biodegradable shoes for babies.

OAT shoes is a Dutch shoe brand that sells biodegradable sneakers since 2011. The great thing about OAT shoes is  that flowers grow out of them once you bury them. Excuse me? Flowers growing from my worn out sneakers? Yes. When your OAT shoes are beyond repair you can bury them into the ground (without harming nature: the shoes are 100% biodegradable). After a few days wild flowers will bloom thanks to the seeds hidden in the shoes’ tongues.

The same goes for OATies: as soon as your child has grown out of its first pair of shoes, you can bury the shoes and a Pinus Pinea or tree of life will grow from them. Of course it’s an even better idea to pass the shoes around to other newborns a bit, before we give them back to the earth. You are never too young to learn how to share, right?!

OATies are made from natural materials like flax, hemp and cotton making them vegan friendly.

You can buy OATies here.

images from OAT shoes



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