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catclo: catalytic clothing that cleans the air

Fashion designer and artist Helen Storey is working together with scientist Tony Ryan on a way to reduce air pollution caused by cars and industry. How? By developing an additive for laundry detergent.

When cotton clothes are washed with Catclo, as the additive is called, nano-particles stick to the fabrics. When these nano-particles are activated by light, they start to function as catalysts that can reduce air pollution by breaking toxic chemicals down into non-harmful ones. Clothing washed with Catclo will remain catalytic for 10 to 20 washes, and can then be washed again with the additive.

It is estimated that one person wearing Catclo clothing for a whole day can remove as much air pollution as is averagely produced by a normal family car during that same day. Storey and Ryan have not applied for a patent on the idea of Catclo, for they believe Catclo should be made available as soon as possible and made accessible for all. They are currently working together with the Research & Development departments of several mayor laundry brands.

More information on how Catclo works, see the video above. Find more information on nanotechnology here.


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